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Blog - News Flash: Recruiters

Recruitment 101: What a Recruiter Does

A recruiter’s job includes reviewing a candidate, negotiating salaries, and placing candidates in a position. Recruiters receive a fee from the employers.

7 Reasons to Use a Recruiter to Find a Job

Whether you’re looking to reenter the workforce or leave your current position, the excitement of a new career is often thwarted by the daunting task.

4 Good Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency

In today’s highly competitive, candidate-driven job market, finding and hiring the ideal job candidate is quite hard.

León Mexico Office Welcomes New Team Member

ITS is one of only a few U.S. full-service recruiting companies equipped to support our clients in Mexico!

7 Benefits of Working With a Recruiter

If you’ve ever had to find a job before, you know it can be exhausting. So why not have a recruiter help you along with that search?

9 Important Things To Look For In A New Job

Whether you’re just starting your career or hoping to move up, here are nine important things to look for in a new job that will lead to growth & happiness

8 Key Differences Between Corporate Recruiters & Agency Recruiters

Enlisting the assistance of corporate recruiters are 2 main ways to fill positions. The 2 are very different, however, both fundamentally & operationally.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Working With Recruiters

To work with a recruiter, you need to know how to communicate with them. We’ve listed important communication do’s and don’ts of working with a recruiter.