3 Questions to Ask When Finding an Outsourced Payroll Provider

December 22, 2022 by
Cameron Prindle

Did you know that about 65% of workers live paycheck to paycheck? (American Payroll Association) For this reason, a great deal of pressure is placed on the employer to pay the employee accurately and efficiently.

If you want the upper hand, go ahead and ask these three questions when consulting an outsourced payroll provider:

1. How complex is the onboarding process for current/future employees?

A potential outsourced payroll provider should present a defined and seamless process that your current and future employees will follow to be onboarded. If you already have another payroll system in place, ask how easy it will be for them to integrate the two together. Depending on the provider, you may be given a team to contact with questions or a singular specialist. Make sure the assistance is as intimate as needed for the size and structure of your organization. Don't defeat the purpose of hiring new talent by settling for an inefficient system!

2. Why should I trust another company to secure my payroll?

It can be intimidating to leave your employee’s personal information with a third party, and there are countless providers to choose from when looking for a payroll solution. Consider asking them what specifically makes their services stand out. A promising sign could be mentions of excellent customer service, scalability, and newly updated software. On the flip side, bad signs could consist of a lack of transparency with pricing and undefined service levels. Always do your research and keep their initial response time and impression in mind. Take a look at their website to see if they have any success stories or data to back up their claims.

3. Do you have experience serving organizations of my size?

Are you a small business or large corporation? When it comes to wages, federal forms, and tax statements, there are different guidelines and regulations depending on the size of your organization. Guarantee that the payroll provider has experience in managing the workload your business will require. Not only will this determine if they are a good fit, but it guarantees you’re minimizing expenses. Don’t be afraid to inquire about the clients they serve to gauge the cost, time, and credibility.

Decision Time!

Once you have considered these three questions, you can rest easy knowing that you have qualified a better business to help you with your payroll outsourcing. But if you are looking, why not connect with us! ITS can assist with unpredictable tax burdens, changes in government regulations, employee-related overhead burdens and more to ensure your next big hiring initiative a not a risky proposition. 

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