5 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

August 3, 2018 by
5 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out
Rodney Boman

If you have the idea that creating a top-notch resume is difficult today, that’s probably because you’re not aware of some outstanding free tools. The days of traditional paper resumes are over, and now, nearly everyone has the opportunity to craft a creative, artistic document that is striking and distinct. It’s time to make your resume stand out. Take a look at the five ways listed below you can punch up your resume and give yourself that extra edge to land the job you want.

1. Use suitable templates for the company and role.

Especially in the creative field, your resume should reflect your skills. Great resumes provide a preview of how you work and think. If you are skilled in Photoshop or any of the other Adobe Creative Cloud programs, take full advantage of your experience to create a custom resume.

You can choose from many websites and resources online, but you can start with services like Google Docs and Canva (both free). Take some time to browse the internet for a site that fits your style.

2. Create a tailor-made resume for the job you want.

Every job you apply to should receive a personalized resume. Sending out the same resume or cover letter repeatedly isn’t likely to yield good results. Companies and their recruiters can tell the difference between an individualized and cookie-cutter submission.

Many companies use some type of Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which does an initial search for specific information and keywords to see if your skills match the position. You’ll want to make sure your resume matches any keywords and/or phrases the company might be using.

3. Be yourself on paper to make your resume stand out.

It is perfectly acceptable to infuse your personality into your resume. Those who take the opportunity to simply be themselves will stand out from the masses. Yes, you’ll still have to use some traditional aspects of a resume; however, you’re a unique person in a unique field. Use every opportunity in the job application process to show who you really are.

4. Don’t be bashful; explain your accomplishments with metrics.

Your achievements play a huge role in getting the job, but avoid long bullet points describing your prior job duties. The best way to impress any company is by explaining (with numbers) what you’ve done and convincing the recruiter that you’re capable of repeating this for a new employer.

Take a narrative approach with your accomplishments instead of using simple lists. Don’t be afraid to mention awards and any outside recognition you received for your work. If you have a knockout project you are particularly proud of, highlight the role you played.

5. The shorter the better.

That first glance at your resume, on average, takes about six seconds. Most recruiters or hiring managers can see right away if your resume is too long or too wordy, and if it is, they will probably lose interest quickly. Use short, compact sentences and phrases with the most impactful words possible.

Be clear, concise, and write as much as possible in the active voice. The best resumes get to the point in as few words as possible.

The competition for creative work is fierce. You can’t afford to just blend into the crowd or you’ll risk being passed over. Taking the time to make your resume stand out pays off.


Article Written By: Krista from CreativeCircle.com