Top Workplace 2024 Award from The Toledo Blade!

January 28, 2024 by
Top Workplace 2024 Award from The Toledo Blade!
Rodney Boman

We at Integrated Talent Strategies are thrilled to share a heartwarming announcement that adds a whole new level to our 40th-anniversary celebrations! We are immensely honored to receive the prestigious Top Workplace Award from the Toledo Blade for the second year running - a testament to our unwavering dedication and the spirited culture we nurture. It feels good to be recognized for your hard work and dedication! Especially knowing that ITS is one of only 58 in the entire region to receive this award!

We have been honored with the Top Workplace Award from the Toledo Blade for 2024!

A Milestone Worth Celebrating

The Top Workplace Award, revered in the employment sector, is not just a trophy on our shelves. This award highlights the companies that promote employee-friendly environments and aims to recognize organizations that emphasize positive workplace culture as acknowledged by their own employees. It's a mirror reflecting the culture of a company that prioritizes people first. The winners of this award are determined by employee feedback from the Workplace Survey, spotlighting our efforts in crafting an environment that's more than just a workplace - it's a haven for growth, respect, and support.

More Than Just Benefits

Creating a positive workplace environment is about more than offering great benefits; it is about putting employees' needs first. It is about listening and effectively responding to your employees' needs and going above and beyond to ensure that your employees enjoy working alongside you. We pride ourselves on being both a local leader in providing quality employment services to our customers and a company with a wonderful and welcoming workplace culture. We are very proud that our efforts to build and maintain a positive culture have reached our employees and that they, in turn, acknowledged us by enabling us to win this award.

Shared Success

This moment of glory is not just ours; it's shared with every individual who's been a part of the ITS journey. To our clients, who've placed unwavering trust in our capabilities, we promise to continue delivering the exceptional service you've always known us for. Your success stories are what drive us to excel. To our future partners, we invite you to experience the ITS difference - where excellence is not just a goal, but a how we operate.

Celebrating Four Decades of Excellence.

In these 40 years, we've not only built bridges to success but have also paved paths for our employees to walk proudly, with heads held high. From initiating innovative team-building exercises that add a burst of fun to our workdays, to implementing recognition programs that celebrate even the small victories, we've strived to ensure that each member of our family feels valued and heard. 2024 marks not just another year of excellence, but four decades of journeying together as a family. This award intertwines beautifully with our anniversary, reminding us of the milestones we've crossed and the peaks we've ascended, all while holding onto the values that make us who we are.

As we step forward into another year of opportunities and challenges, we reaffirm our pledge - to be a beacon of positive workplace culture and to continue delivering services that exceed expectations. Here's to another year of making a difference, together.

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The Top Workplace Award for ITS