How to Find the Perfect Employee

How to Find the Perfect Employee
  • February 10, 2023

As hiring managers, we always look for employees who complement the business and the existing staff. The best employees have passion, dedication, and accountability for themselves and others. We know what type of employee we want, but how do we find them? Use these three tools along your mission to find perfect matches.

Contact Past Candidates

During the interview process, you'll likely pass on candidates who are a cultural match and exhibit excellent work ethics but don't have the required experience to fill the given role. Notify the applicant, whether it be a rejection or an offer, respectfully and with transparency in a timely fashion. To revisit these candidates, personally reaching out and inquiring if they would be open to future opportunities is most appropriate. After all, if they matched the culture, displayed a great work ethic, and some time passed, they may now have the experience to qualify. When a job match arises, these individuals will be flattered by the personal invitation to apply for the position.

Job Fairs

Although you may want to avoid the initial cost and time commitment, job fairs greatly benefit employers. Connecting with ready-to-work candidates face-to-face in an informal environment can be a natural way to evaluate their fit into your organization. One example is a collegiate-hosted career fair that gives access to young workers who can grow with your business. While seeking candidates, spreading brand awareness, networking, and being present in your community is just as beneficial.


Depending on the size and industry of your organization, the recruitment segment of your HR department may be underdeveloped. A lack of quality employees may be due to job postings with little traffic or a basic interviewing process. Consider outsourcing to a recruiting or staffing firm for a short or even extended period of time. A range of benefits can include knowledge of the market, faster hiring, payroll services, and access to top talent. 

But how do you outsource your hiring process? Well, that's where ITS comes in! Get in touch with us.

Why choose Integrated Talent Strategies?

ITS is your one-stop shop for all of your staffing needs across the United States and Mexico. Using a company like ITS is the best way to deal with Overcoming Staffing Shortages. We offer a variety of services, including Contract Staffing/Temporary, Contract-to-Direct Staffing, Direct Hire Staffing, Executive Search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Payroll. Take a look at one of our case studies to further visualize how we can help you grow!

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