3 Unique Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Process

December 29, 2022 by
Cameron Prindle

As a leader in an organization, you probably look for the best techniques to reach consumers and improve user experience. Research and knowing the industry is, after all, an extremely crucial part of someone's journey that they may experience during their job search. But how can you improve your hiring procedure? Well, here we lay out three unique ways to improve your recruitment process.

1. LinkedIn

Have you ever considered that you're looking for the right people in the wrong place? There is a wide range of job boards that candidates come across in a quick Google search, including Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and many more. After exploring the platforms, it is likely you have noticed fluctuations in candidate pool size from one job board to the next, depending on what industry you serve. If you are at a loss for candidates or want to build a better understanding of them, LinkedIn is a great platform to utilize. In 2022, it is significant to note that LinkedIn saw a 22% increase in engagement on their platform. For a visitor to a page to count as user engagement, they must either scroll through 50% of the page for at least 50 seconds, click on an element of the page, leave a comment, or leave a like. This type of consumer interaction, being that LinkedIn qualifies as a social media platform, separates itself from competing job boards. While having the ability to post and build brand credibility, LinkedIn also has 15x more content impressions than typical job postings.

A variety of other benefits include:
  • Help raise your company name on Google
  • Easy job application accessibility
  • Allow network to share opportunities in a few clicks
Business Page Example:


2. Surveys / Polls / Questionnaires

With any placement, there isn't a 100% guarantee the candidate will make the job a full-time career opportunity. Although we strive to help all parties, new hires may not be satisfied with their new position, or unforeseen circumstances may take place. Although this can turn into a strenuous process, consider using this as a learning opportunity. Conducting surveys can provide insightful data on not only your hiring process but your client's onboarding structure. Use this valuable information to bridge the gap between your recruiting firm and your client's organization. Organizational changes based on your data may include implementing more transparency, better-written job descriptions, or enhanced training.

Consider including the following questions in a survey:
  • Is this what you expected out of a new opportunity?
  • Did you feel prepared to begin your new position?
  • How would you rate your overall training?

3. A Referral System

As technical recruiters, we often face many misconceptions about our mission and service offerings. This is when a referral system can really come into play, using individuals with first-hand experience to spread information organically. Encouraging employees to bring forward suitable candidates for the organization shows a great level of trust and respect. As for the benefits, a recent study found only 25% of workers recruited through job boards stay for more than two years, whereas 45% of employees obtained through employee referrals stay for more than four years. (ApolloTechnical) Be sure to communicate open opportunities and benefits to make the referral system successful.

Example Referral System:

"Once a Contract referral has been employed for 30 calendar days or 90 days for a Direct Hire referral, then you will be awarded $250! This offer is only available to ITS employees."

Hopefully those three methods assist you in improving your recruitment process. But, of course, if you need some assistance, feel free to connect with us and our expert team will be guide you through everything.

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